CHARLES SCHWAB & CO. INC Shares of Stocks (Rtrnd by PO)

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The table below lists all the unclaimed Shares of Stocks (Rtrnd by PO) that were sent to the State of California by CHARLES SCHWAB & CO. INC. The owners were not able be located and the unclaimed money was turned over to the State. If your name is listed below, you should visit and enter the property # from the table below to start the claim process.

Property IDOwnerAmountDate of last contact with OwnerDate Reported to California
1003861306KABALAOUI FOUAD F $1,277,080.002014-11-282019-06-18
997967958OYAMADA MOTONORI $1,068,970.002013-12-092018-06-21
997969441UESHIMA NAOKO $846,139.002013-01-092018-06-21
1003861365KANG JUDONG $562,812.002014-03-272019-06-18
997966638KOBAYASHI AYAKO $557,859.002013-04-182018-06-21
1003860537HONDO SAYAKA $536,635.002014-03-092019-06-18
1003867517SUZUKI YUTAKA $487,553.002014-03-102019-06-18
997970015YU LINNA $423,849.002013-09-032018-06-21
1003859702GREEN ERNEST M $312,038.002014-02-282019-06-18
997967048LIN LOU $306,666.002013-03-202018-06-21
997967929DELL ORTO MARIA TERESA $305,220.002013-07-032018-06-21
997967929ORTO RICARDO J DELL $305,220.002013-07-032018-06-21
997966922LO MELIANA MRS $288,227.002013-10-022018-06-21
997966922LEE WAI KWONG $288,227.002013-10-022018-06-21
997968564SAITO SHINABU $288,058.002012-08-022018-06-21
997966923LO MELIANA MRS $240,883.002013-10-022018-06-21
997966923LEE WAI KWONG $240,883.002013-10-022018-06-21