BANK OF AMERICA NA Savings Accounts

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The table below lists all the unclaimed Savings Accounts that were sent to the State of California by BANK OF AMERICA NA. The owners were not able be located and the unclaimed money was turned over to the State. If your name is listed below, you should visit and enter the property # from the table below to start the claim process.

Property IDOwnerAmountDate of last contact with OwnerDate Reported to California
1027286773GAO HONGXIA $3,273,490.002019-05-282023-06-14
1027295026ZHANG FULI $1,340,920.002018-09-062023-06-14
1027289561LIU YING $1,271,790.002019-01-032023-06-14
1027208919COMTOR LC $1,078,160.002019-04-042023-06-14
1027285391CHEN NAN $555,335.002019-05-192023-06-14
1027289923MA YANXUE $491,204.002018-11-242023-06-14
1014938159BAN YOUHONG $413,141.002016-10-272021-06-11
1024275618HSU HAN BEN $354,435.002018-01-222022-06-16
1027288645KWONG SIULIT $321,699.002019-01-172023-06-14
1024275326GE XIAOYING $316,686.002017-08-162022-06-16
1027293476WANG LEI $292,887.002018-09-192023-06-14
1027294334XU WEICHAO $268,179.002019-03-212023-06-14
1024278525ZHOU RUI $257,426.002017-07-182022-06-16
1027293431WANG JUHONG $236,523.002018-08-042023-06-14