APPLE INC Underlying Shares/Outstand Cer

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The table below lists all the unclaimed Underlying Shares/Outstand Cer that were sent to the State of California by APPLE INC. The owners were not able be located and the unclaimed money was turned over to the State. If your name is listed below, you should visit and enter the property # from the table below to start the claim process.

Property IDOwnerAmountDate of last contact with OwnerDate Reported to California
1005936217YANG SHU YUAN $558,756.002016-02-182020-08-04
1005936217FUGMANN SEBASTIAN D $558,756.002016-02-182020-08-04
994516449MUNG THANG LEE $436,422.002014-08-132018-06-15
994515573KEE NG GEK $419,636.002017-05-102018-06-15
994515296HUANG KUANG TSENG $301,724.002015-07-132018-06-15
994515554KEE NG GEK $296,543.002014-07-092018-06-15
994517041SCOTT LINDA $296,336.002017-01-182018-06-15
994529984HAYWOOD SECURITIES INC $290,119.002014-03-262018-06-15
994529984RRSP $290,119.002014-03-262018-06-15
994514261BURNS EDWIN J $290,119.002013-11-112018-06-15
994514261BURNS HELEN M $290,119.002013-11-112018-06-15
994514261BURNS FAM TRUST UA 01 08 90 $290,119.002013-11-112018-06-15
994514628DE LA CRUZ-ROLDAN M $285,353.002013-05-232018-06-15
994540825TOYOHARA NORIE $237,758.002013-11-112018-06-15